GKA Kiteboarding World Tour Leucate: riders complete list

GKA Kiteboarding World Tour Leucate: riders complete list


From the GKA Kiteboarding World Tour:

“The first ever GKA Kiteboarding World Tour event will take place at the Mondial du Vent in Leucate, France, from 17 – 22nd April and the fleet of riders signed up is looking pretty special!”



  • Nicolas Delmas, France
  • Odin van Dijk, Netherlands
  • Val Garat, France
  • Lasse Walker, Netherlands
  • Paul Serin, France
  • Luis Alberto Cruz, Dominican Republic
  • Lewis Crathern, UK
  • Ross Dillon-Player, South Africa
  • Lazare Gournay, France
  • Set Teixeira, Brazil
  • Arthur Guillebert, France
  • Maxime Chabloz, Switzerland
  • Reno Romeo, Brazil
  • Julien Krikken, France (Wildcard)
  • Tom Hebert, New Caledonia
  • Marius Hoppe, Germany
  • Nicolas Gambier, France
  • Aaron Hadlow, UK
  • Liam Whaley, Spain
  • Theo de Ramecourt, France
  • Tamas Deak, Hungary
  • Antonin Rangin, France
  • Domantas Jusionis: Lithuania
  • Augustas Dudenas: Lithuania
  • Clement Huot, France
  • Jules Chollet, France
  • Jerrie van de Kop, Netherlands
  • Carlos Mario, Brazil
  • Kevin Langeree, Netherlands
  • Raiarii Fadier, Brazil
  • Antoine Fermon, France
  • Juan Rodriguez, Colombia
  • Valentin Rodriguez, Colombia
  • Posito Martinez, Dominican Republic
  • Jesse Richman, Hawaii
  • Joselito del Rosario, Dominican Republic
  • Leon Corniel, Dominican Republic
  • Eudazio da Silva, Brazil
  • Edgar Ulrich, France
  • Robin Krikken, France
  • Arthur Krikken, France
  • Manoel Soares, Brazil,
  • Oswald Smith, South Africa
  • Sam Light, UK
  • Aron Rosslee, South Africa

+2 Wildcards still to be announced



  • Maureen Castelle, France
  • Pauline Valesa, France
  • Vera Klabbers, Netherlands
  • Hannah Whiteley, UK
  • Mikaili Sol, Brazil
  • Osaia Reding, France / Brazil
  • Angely Bouilot, France
  • Pippa Iersel, Netherlands
  • Annelous Lammerts, Netherlands
  • Romy Piveteau, France
  • Therese Taabel, Netherlands


LIVE SCORING: A live scoring system will be launched at this event to further add insight and entertainment for the large Mondial du Vent crowds on the beach!



GKA Kiteboarding World Tour Leucate: riders complete list

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