ION Gearbag Core | Kite Travel Bag | Features, Test & Review


ION Gearbag Core | Kite Travel Bag | Features, Test  & Review


When you want to make a kite trip and you need to bring with you all your equipment, is necessary to have an appropriate bag.

The kite and boars duffel bag must contain everything in our possession and have, as well, other key features: being durable, lightweight and able to adequately protect our equipment.

Today we’re going to review the ION Gearbag Core, the wheels model.

The duffel bag Gearbag Core is built with “nylon material 600D“, particularly light and durable. It is provided with a “mini-bag” for the small tools.



The ION Gearbag Core is available in 4 sizes:

Sizes: 139

  • Max. Board Size: 140×43 cm
  • Bag Outside: 142x52x40 cm
  • Weight: 3,67 kg


Sizes: 152

  • Max. Board Size: 153×47 cm
  • Bag Outside: 155x52x40 cm
  • Weight: 3,82 kg


Sizes: 165

  • Max. Board Size: 167×50 cm
  • Bag Outside: 170x52x40 cm
  • Weight: 3,95 kg


Sizes: 186

  • Max. Board Size: 186×53 cm
  • Bag Outside: 190x55x30 cm
  • Weight: 4,20 kg



ION Gearbag Core, our test:

The wheels are fluid and allow a very easy transportation on many different types of surfaces.

The external reinforcements on the rear part of the bag, the one that is most stressed during transport, are very useful.

The inside pads, also, do their duty by protecting the equipment properly.

Compared to the previous model, the zip was changed.

The handles are very resistant as also the seams with which they are fixed.

You won’t have problems of space if you want to carry: 2 tables twin tips, 3 complete kite, 2 wetsuits, boots, harness and various garments. We did it with the measure 152 of the ION bag Gearbag Core.

Only small fault: the two lengtwise handles are, however, little padded and non-ergonomic. These features make the transportation uncomfortable on long journeys to maximum load.

We believe that the duffel bag ION Gearbag Core is a great product that can satisfy even very demanding users.



ION Gearbag Core, Our Report Card:

Materials 80%
Portability 75%
>Finishes 80%
>Aesthetics 90%
>Resistance 75%
>Protection 80%



ION Gearbag Core | Kite Travel Bag | Features, Test  & Review

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ION Gearbag Core | Kite Travel Bag | Features, Test & Review
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