ION KITE CRUSHBAG | Kite boardbags, simple & ingenious


ION KITE CRUSHBAG | Kite boardbags, simple & ingenious


The 99%  of the kites on the market are sold with their own carry bag which, to be versatile in various situations and to contain any other material, is heavier and larger than necessary.

While traveling is recommended an alternative bag and sometimes is even necessary especially in low cost flights.

If you want to lighten the sports bag without sacrificing the kite safety or if you want to switch it as hand luggage, the carrying bag ION KITE CRUSHBAG is what best you can find.

Made with a lightweight but durable material, this bag is perfect for any up to 14 meters kite.

The ION KITE CRUSHBAG has the size of a hand luggage, perfect even for the most stringent low-cost airlines (55 x 40 x 20 cm).

In the bag you can put the kite, the bar, a short wetsuit or some clothing and your bag will still have the above dimensions.

Kites in the bag can be fold two-three times.

The bar can be tied externally to the belts wich are made to reduce the width.

The ION KITE CRUSHBAG closes and can be carried as a  shoulder bag.

There are no pockets; the configuration is really minimal but this is precisely the strong point of this bag.

There is another aspect that can justify the possible purchase of this bag : you may preserve the original kite bag from damage or wear which it might penalize a possible second-hand sale.


  • Value  money / utility -Really high.
  • Color: Black and Yellow
  • Available sizes: M (kite up to 14 m) – L (kite over 14 mt)



Materials 80%
Portability 100%
>Finishes 70%
>Aesthetics 85%
>Resistance 90%
>Protection 85%


Special Thanks to North Kite Roma for materials.



ION KITE CRUSHBAG | Kite boardbags, simple & ingenious

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ION KITE CRUSHBAG | Kite boardbags, simple & ingenious
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