North Kiteboarding Rebel 2018 – Test & Review – Made to fly high


North Kiteboarding Rebel 2018 – Test & Review – Made to fly high


The North Rebel 2018 2018 is designed, for the first time in this kite history, To be used with a 4 line control bar. 

You can mount the fifth line but, thanks to its new technical features, is not absolutely necessary.

In addition to this let’s see the other innovative technical aspects of this new “all round” kite:

  • construction fabric “Trinity TX” which makes the kite much more durable and less deformable during its use.
  • renewed “one pump” system that, thanks to tubes of greater diameter, makes it more comfortable both flating and deflating.
  • bridle system specially designed for a 4-wire use.


North-Kite-Rebel-2018-Freeride-kite-01 North-Kite-Rebel-2018-Freeride-kite-01



The test

When they thought about the new Rebel, the North Kiteboarding engineers aimed to design and build an “all round ” kite with excellent Hang Time features.

According to our opinion they have perfectly succeeded!

The Rebel 2018 is a very simple kite that offers an immediate feeling from the very first time.

The traction is constant, powerful but not excessive. The North Rebel pulls what it takes, no more.

In up-wind direction, even with little wind, it’s not necessary to move it up and down. Also, just holding the Rebel 2018 in the flight window it will have anyway the strength needed to make you plan easily.


North-Kite-Rebel-2018-Freeride-kite North-Kite-Rebel-2018-Freeride-kite 


In jumps, the all-round kite built by North, turns into a highly specialized war machine.

The traction up in the air is huge and flying dragged by a constant force that makes tricks much easier to do. 

Especially in the first jumps, it’s difficult to determine precisely the landing points because the kite will make you go higher than you expect.


North-Kite-Rebel-2018-Freeride-kite North-Kite-Rebel-2018-Freeride-kite 


With the Rebel 2018 basic jumps, rotations and, in general, all “old style” tricks seem easier and more manageable.

If the wind is not excessive, the Rebel 2018 can also be used for unhooked basic jumps.



North Rebel 2018 – OUR REPORT CARD

Power 95%
Stability 90%
Handling 85%
Upwind 90%
Jumps 100%
Freestyle New School 40%
Kitellop 55%
Relaunch 75%
Materials 95%
Bag 80%



Impressions of an Amateur Kiter

“The North Rebel 2018 is a lot of fun, absolutely not difficult to handle even with little wind.

The Up-wind ability  is fantastic, even with little wind.

Water re-start is simple and intuitive, you don’t need to pull too much on the back line, just wait for the kite to take the wind and immediately position it vertically ready to be relaunched.

In jumps is powerful but very manageable, it flies high and stays in the air for a long time.

My opinion, the Rebel 2018 is a great kite suitable for the demanding amateur!”


North-Kite-Rebel-2018-Freeride-kite North-Kite-Rebel-2018-Freeride-kite



North Kiteboarding Rebel 2018 – Test & Review – Made to fly high

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North Kiteboarding Rebel 2018 – Test & Review – Made to fly high


  1. Tom

    08/06/2017 at 9:18 PM

    A lot of Change in Rebel 2018.

  2. Cristiano

    08/08/2017 at 8:33 PM

    I tried it….beautiful kite!!

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