Megaloop red bull 2018

Red Bull Megaloop 2018 – Riders selected

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Red Bull Megaloop 2018 – Riders selected


The Red Bull team are proud to announce the list of riders for Red Bull Megaloop 2018. Between April and November, these 16 megaloop riders will wait for the perfect storm to hit and battle for victory.

Below riders will face incredible strong wind conditions, averaging 35 knots or more.

The following 10 international top riders have been carefully selected by our sports team and judges.

The selection is based on a combination from ranking of previous editions and their level of riding – in particular mastering the performance of the megaloop.

Riders list

Top Ten Riders:

  1. Ruben Lenten, Dutch
  2. Nick Jacobsen, Danish
  3. Lasse Walker, Dutch
  4. Joshua Emanuel, South African & Defending champion
  5. Steven Akkersdijk, Dutch
  6. Ross-Dillon Player, South African 
  7. Kevin de Smidt, Dutch 
  8. Gijs Wassenaar, Dutch
  9. Jerrie van de Kop, Dutch
  10. Louk Timmer, Dutch

Selected submission riders:

  1. Antoine Clerc, French
  2. Ryan de Witte, Dutch
  3. Janek Grzegorzewski, Polish
  4. Ben van den Burg, Dutch


That makes 14 riders untill now. An additional 2 wildcards will be handed out when the event is being called on.



Red Bull Megaloop 2018 – Riders selected

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Red Bull Megaloop 2018 – Riders selected
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