slingshot turbine low wind kite

Review Slingshot TURBINE 2016 – Test Kite low wind


Review Slingshot TURBINE 2016 – Test Kite low wind

The Turbine is a kite designed and built by Slingshot for a light wind freeriding.

Its main features are lightweight and efficiency.


  • Open C delta
  • Connect Forward
  • One Pump Speed System
  • Diamond Leech Trailing Edge
  • Available size – 15 and 17 mt



We tried the Turbine 17 meters in a day when the wind was almost nonexistent and the sea was rough because of a strong perturbation finished the previous day.

Namely: 8 knots wind side direction, wave 80 cm, current sustained wind direction.

The first sensation that Slingshot Turbine provides is that of an extremely powerful kite; still to the flight window offers a traction able to tow riders, even heavy weight kiters and using the so-called measures “normal” boards (138 × 42 cm).

It is definitely NOT hard on the bar but the response to commands is clearly delayed because of the kite size and the length of the lines used for the test (27 meters).

Once you get used to the different time response of the turbines 17 meters everything becomes easy; it can safely be used in many conditions even if it started as a “Freeride” kite.

On the jumps we had a slight initial difficulty due to, as we mentioned earlier, the time response of the commands on the toolbar.

As soon as we understood the time, we had a great feeling and our jumps with Turbine were normal high.

The kite starts easily from the water even with very little wind.

In conclusion …

You’d like to do some great “walks in the sea” on summer afternoons with 8 knots while everyone is at the beach to pray in increasing wind, without sacrificing the convenience and usability of the “Pump” kites?

The Slingshot TURBINE is the one for you.


turbine slingshot 2016 



Power 95%
Stability 85%
Handling 50%
Upwind 75%
Jumps 70%
Freestyle New School 40%
Kiteloop 45%
Relaunch 70%
Materials 65%
Bag 75%



Review Slingshot TURBINE 2016 – Test Kite low wind

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Review Slingshot TURBINE 2016 – Test Kite low wind
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