Ride Engine Test Review – Innovative Kitesurf Harness


Ride Engine Test Review – Innovative Kitesurf Harness



If you touch with hand a Ride Engine Harness, immediately you can notice how the band back is made with a firm material that doesn’t allow any deformation.

It has an anatomical shape which makes it easy to wear, light and stable; in  its regulation it is not necessary to tighten it to the limit, because the harnesses lies still on the waist, without moving up or down, or rotating.

Another obvious feature is the anterior plate hook, there are different types, each designed for a particular discipline (Kitesurfing Wave/Freeride o Kiteboarding Freestyle/Wakestyle).

We wait to see also the front look with the classic metal hook that will be used mainly by freestyle and wakestyle kiters.



The practical tests  gave exciting results confirming the manufacturer’s promises.

Once it’s worn, , the harnesses doesn’t move; it is neither heavy nor bulky.

The good padding and the anatomic shape determine an absolute comfort.

Thanks to coupling plate, the chicken loop is closer to the body , (about 10 centimeters): more control and easiness in getting back the bar after leaving it completely.

The sizes are perfectly compatible with those of “traditional” harnesses and
despite the rigid structure, the harnesses provides a considerable adaptation to the body.



OUR REPORT CARD – Ride Engine Harness 2016

General Confort 85%
Back Confort 90%
Stability 100%
Flex 40%
Support 95%
Materials 70%
Hook Freestyle 40%
Hook Wave 95%
Freestyle 80%
Wave 90%
Freeride 100%



Ride Engine – Kitesurf Harness with innovative features

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Ride Engine Test Review – Innovative Kitesurf Harness


  1. Emanuele

    11/17/2016 at 6:45 PM

    that’s the best!

  2. simon

    11/18/2016 at 4:19 PM

    Interesting gear, I would want to try.

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