Riders signed at Mondial du Vent in Leucate – GKA Kiteboarding World Tour

Riders signed at Mondial du Vent in Leucate – GKA Kiteboarding World Tour


From GKA Kiteboarding World Tour site:

The fleet of riders signed up to the first ever GKA Kiteboarding World Tour event that will take place at the Mondial du Vent in Leucate, France, from 17 – 22 April is very exciting.

This new tour calls for dynamic performances and a mix of new school and more classic older school, big air influences, however the overriding factor is that riders need to go as huge as possible… making for the best show as the competition seeks to find the most complete twin-tip rider.

The GKA’s aim is to work with the riders to create a strong tour for the athletes, public and sport.

The field is shaping up strongly already, with five-time World Champion and two-time Red Bull King of the Air winner, Aaron Hadlow, signed up and ready to show that he still has the most varied repertoire of freestyle moves in the sport.

Liam Whaley will also compete in France. A freestyle World Champion himself, he is one of today’s most technical riders. In his debut year at the contest, it was clear that this young Spaniard also has what it takes to go huge at the King of the Air, claiming a runner-up podium position at his first attempt.

Lewis Crathern (also a four time UK freestyle champion) will be a familiar name to all big air fans, as will Lasse Walkerand Reno Romeu; three riders with a very strong history at the King of the Air, with Lewis claiming third place at this year’s event, and Lasse also being a Red Bull Mega Loop Challenge winner.

The rest of the field who have signed up so far is littered with stars with long established their names in the sport, as well as young rippers who have made an emphatic entrance into competition in the last year to 18 months.

Here’s the men’s and women’s line-up as it currently stands. The men’s is almost full, but we expect a couple of big names to be added in and we’ll be bringing you news next week as the women’s ladder also fills up, but with Hannah Whiteley and Mikaili Sol already spanning the established and rising star headlines on that side, it’s sure to be a great contest on their side, too.


  1. Nicolas Delmas, France
  2. Odin van Dijk, Netherlands
  3. Val Garat, France
  4. Lasse Walker, Netherlands
  5. Paul Serin, France
  6. Luis Alberto Cruz, Dominican Republic
  7. Lewis Crathern, UK
  8. Ross Dillon-Player, South Africa
  9. Pauline Valesa, France
  10. Lazare Gournay, France
  11. Set Teixeira, Brazil
  12. Arthur Guillebert, France
  13. Maxime Chabloz, Switzerland
  14. Reno Romeo, Brazil
  15. Julien Krikken, France
  16. Tom Hebert, New Caledonia
  17. Marius Hoppe, Germany
  18. Nicolas Gambier, France
  19. Aaron Hadlow, UK
  20. Liam Whaley, Spain
  21. Theo de Ramecourt, France
  22. Tamas Deak, Hungary
  23. Antonin Rangin, France
  24. Domantas Jusionis: Lithuania
  25. Augustas Dudenas: Lithuania
  26. Clement Huot, France
  27. Jules Chollet, France


  1. Maureen Castelle, France
  2. Pauline Valesa, France
  3. Vera Klabbers, Netherlands
  4. Hannah Whiteley, UK
  5. Mikaili Sol, Brazil



Riders signed at Mondial du Vent in Leucate – GKA Kiteboarding World Tour

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