Slingshot RPM 2018 kite

Slingshot RPM 2018 – Open C kite for kiteboarding freestyle


Slingshot RPM 2018 – Open C kite for kiteboarding freestyle


Here is the new Slingshot RPM, all terrain kite perfect for kitesurfing freestyle.


Features and tech by Slingshot official site:

RPM 2018

  • The kite of choice for instructors, world champions and everyone between 
  • Open-C canopy delivers versatile, reliable performance in all conditions 
  • Shock-absorbing IRS bridle stabilizes kite in gusty wind 
  • Powerful but predictable boost and loops 
  • Bomber Slingshot construction


RPM performance:

    Some of the busiest schools in the world use the RPM as their go-to kite because of its reliability in any wind condition and its bomber construction. Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the RPM is a championship-level freestyle kite that has propelled multiple riders to world titles. For general freeriding, it provides responsive handling, smooth power delivery throughout the window, great boosting and powerful but predictable loops. For dedicated freestyle, the RPM delivers the competitive edge with amazing pop and carry, flawless unhooked performance and multiple customization options to fine-tune handling to adapt to varying conditions.


RPM rider profile:

The RPM is a high-flying, hard-charging kite with multiple world titles under its belt. But the RPM isn’t built for the most elite competitors; the top of the podium is just a byproduct of exceptional design. The RPM is built for riders like you. You want safety, reliability and predictability in all wind conditions. You want high performance and low risk. You want a kite that won’t hold you back, no matter how much you progress. You want a kite you can count on when conditions get gnarly, when your friends challenge you to a jump-off or when you’re bound and determined to take that next step in progression, whatever that may be. If that is you, your kite is the RPM.


RPM Video presentation:


Slingshot RPM 2018 – Open C kite for kiteboarding freestyle

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Slingshot RPM 2018 – Open C kite for kiteboarding freestyle
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