WKL Kiteboarding World Cup Texel

WKL Kiteboarding World Cup Texel 2017 | 21-24 September, Netherlands


WKL Kiteboarding World Cup Texel 2017 | 21-24 September, Netherlands


It’s Confirmed the second stop of WKL Kiteboarding World Championships that will take place in Texel, Netherlands from 21 to 24 September 2018.


All the details by WKL official site:

Event Details

WKL Texel 2017
September 21 – 24, 2017
Texel, The Netherlands



Freestyle Elite League Event

The Texel stop of the World Kiteboarding League World Cup will be one of the largest and most important Kiteboarding events worldwide, and it will be the only Dutch tour stop for the World Kiteboarding League in 2017. Competitions will be held in two Disciplines: The Qualifier League and the Freestyle Elite League.

The 2017 Texel event will be a gathering place for the world’s Kiteboarding Elite , and we expect to host competitors form at least 20 different countries.

Texel offers a stunning natural setting and  some of the best wind conditions in Europe, with a 75% Chance to have 15-19 knots in September. (The ideal conditions for kiteboarding are 16-20 knots.) The weather in September is mostly still sunny and warm in the Netherlands.

Freestyle Qualifier League Event

In addition to the WKL Freestyle Elite League event, Texel will also be host to a Qualifier event for participation in the 2018 WKL Freestyle Elite League. In this Qualifier event riders compete for the title of 2017 WKL Qualifier League Champion and for a spot on the 2018 Freestyle Elite League Tour. For more information and registration details, see the page for the Texel 2017 Qualifier League Event.

Notice of Event

WKL Qualifier 18 -20 Sept/WKL Elite 21-24 Sept 2017 Texel, the Netherlands.

This event is sanctioned by the WKL and governed by the WKL Rulebook only! The WKL Rulebook may be supplemented by written Event Instructions,

  1. Freestyle discipline only for Qualifiers and Elite riders
  2. First mandatory skippers meeting Qualifier League 11.00 on the 18th registration will for the Qualifier League 18th between 08.00 and 10.00. Elite League will be registration 20th between 15.00 and 16.00 skippers meeting 21th on the 09.00.
  3. Openings Ceremony at 20th00 hours at location Paal 17 Texel
  4. Prize giving ceremony Qualifier 20th at 17.00. Prize giving Elite League 24th directly after finish Final.
  5. No registration fees are payable for the Elite League and 100,00 for the Qualifier League.
  6. Advertising obligations might be applicable.
  7. There will be secured storage for riders equipment (see diagram WKL website)
  8. Air temperatures may vary between 15 to 24 degrees Celsius. All possible windspeeds may be expected as it is one of the windiest places in Holland.
  9. Water temperatures around 17 degrees Celsius. The North sea produces Flat, choppy and waves depending on wind direction and wind strength.
  10. Contest director will be Olaf van Tol and Head judge Jean Giovanni. The Judging Panel will be introduced at the first skippers meeting.



WKL Kiteboarding World Cup Texel 2017 | 21-24 September, Netherlands

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WKL Kiteboarding World Cup Texel 2017 | 21-24 September, Netherlands
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