World Kiteboarding League Cumbuco 03

World Kiteboarding League Cumbuco – Wildcard Qualifiers


World Kiteboarding League Cumbuco – Wildcard Qualifiers


By WKL (World Kiteboarding League) site:

Perfect wind conditions welcomed us for the start of the Wildcard Qualifiers today at Duro Beach, Cumbuco, where the Men’s and Women’s competition was completed, and the two wildcards for the Elite Event were awarded. 

The level of riding from the national riders in Brazil is incredibly high, and today was an ideal opportunity to showcase the local talent. 

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The Men’s ladder consisted of 3 rounds, a total of 4 heats. The 11 competitors did their best tricks in Rounds 1 and 2, until it came down to the top 6 male competitors for the final. All the athletes fought their hardest with their eye on the prize, but it was Erick Anderson who claimed the win, after crashing only one of his seven trick attempts. This means that the Men’s wildcard goes to Anderson, and he will be competing in the Elite League event starting today.

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The skipper’s meeting has been called for 10am, with the first possible start at 11am. We look forward to everyone tuning in tomorrow and joining us for what promises to be an incredible event here in Cumbuco. You can view tooday’s heats here.



World Kiteboarding League Cumbuco – Wildcard Qualifiers

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World Kiteboarding League Cumbuco – Wildcard Qualifiers
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